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Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Facts from FTL!

February 14, 2014

Hi, I’m Ashleigh, Follow The Leader’s newest dog training Apprentice. Since it’s Valentine’s Day and since we here at FTL love our doggies and all our doggie clients, I thought I’d share a few heart-shaped facts about our favourite four-legged friends!
While your heart might beat a little faster when you see your little puggy-wuggy, his heart probably beats that fast all the time! Small dogs’ hearts beat around 100-140 times per minute, compared to our resting heart rate of about 60-100 beats per minute. If you’ve got a larger breed dog, chances are their heart rate is about the same as yours.
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Speaking of hearts, it seems that dog owners might have a lower risk of heart disease than non-dog owners. And the preliminary studies by the American Heart Association show that it’s not just all that dog walking – just having a dog around helps owners deal better with stress. Does a heart good!
And, when your heart is broken, your dog can help with that, too. They not only love you unconditionally, they help you get back on your feet and back in the game by forcing you to stay active and get out of the house. Don’t lose heart!
We like to think of dogs as pure of heart… but it turns out, if they see another dog getting treats for doing a trick they’d been doing unrewarded, they not only show signs of stress (scratching and looking away from the lucky dog), they also stop doing the trick much faster than if they were alone and not getting a reward! Guess their hearts can be green, too!
One in five pet owners will buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their four-legged friend… spending around $815 million dollars! That’s a lot of people with big hearts… or big wallets?!  If you haven’t already got a present for your pooch, why not try making some of your own treats?
Don’t forget, while we want to shower our furbabies with affection, most dogs don’t love hugs as much as humans, and they hate it when people stare – even lovingly – into their eyes. In dog-speak, throwing an arm over their shoulders can be interpreted as a rather rude expression, and a stare-down can often be the next best thing to an invitation to fight!
And, while most people wouldn’t say no to a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, remember that both bonbons and blooms can kill your little four-legged love, or at least make them seriously ill! Toxic flowers you’re likely to have around the house this time of year are tulips and baby’s breath (those tiny white ones that come with your long-stem roses). Click herefor a more complete list of plants to watch out for.
And that’s it. Check back soon for a post on separation anxiety. In the mean time, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day, from the bottom of our Follow The Leader hearts!!


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