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Allie Lum

Allie Lum

As a child, I always felt more connected to animals than I was to my peers. Every dog, cat, horse or mouse as was a friend waiting to be made. When my family finally relented and I got my first dog, I was ecstatic. I wanted to know as much as possible about how to take care of my new companion. This brought me to my first training class. My dog Rosie and I worked hard, and we got amazing results. Rosie was the star of every training class, and we both had a blast getting there. A behaviour geek in the making, I was hooked on training. Fast forward almost 10 years later, and after many readings, seminars, and courses, I decided to take the next step and enrol in Karen Pryor Academy, a well established dog training school that focuses on the science of clicker training. In 2018, I graduated and earned my KPA-CTP designation. Rosie was my partner for the course, and I'm so glad that I was able to take this journey with the loyal friend that started it all.

Somewhere along the way, I adopted my second dog, a fearful but sweet Doberman Pinscher named Sully. Sully has inspired me to learn more about issues relating to fear, whether it be fear aggression or phobias or even generalized anxiety. He is now doing amazing, and has blossomed way beyond my wildest dreams, though he will always be a scaredy cat at heart.

In spring of 2019, I completed the Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program and am now a Fear Free Certified Professional. Fear Free is a movement that aims to educate behaviour and veterinary professionals on ways to make veterinary care as stress free as possible, and places a high importance of the emotional wellbeing of animals. 

Currently I teach group classes, puppy classes, and offer private consultations for clients in East York and Central Toronto. My approach to training is that it should be fun and easy for all involved. The main thing I want to accomplish when training is to help my clients have a better relationship with their dogs. My goal for the future is to be able to provide accessible training services for those that need it, as well as be able to offer services to low income areas. I’d also like to work with veterinary clinics to help make our pet’s care experiences as fear free as possible.

When I’m not co-teaching classes, writing our newsletter, or crying about Beagle puppies, you can usually find me hanging out with my two dogs or watching Fenzi webinars with Kyla. 

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