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Kyla Guercio

Professional Dog Trainer

Kyla Guercio

Kyla met Jon in 2015 while working at a doggy daycare Follow The Leader had been running classes out of. Kyla asked Jon if she could stay to observe  a class and Jon didn't hesitate to say “Of course!”. Ever the eager student, Kyla sat with her pen and paper and took as many notes as she could, often staying late after work to nerd out about training.  She decided to try out some of what she’d learned with her own dog, a Husky/Lab mix named Kato. Kyla was amazed and shocked at how quickly Kato took to this training, and immediately was hooked! She quickly switched from using traditional training methods to this new and wonderful way of teaching and communicating with her dog; positive reinforcement.

Fast forward and Kyla and Kato have went on to complete many classes with FTL, including Basics, Next Steps, and Rally-O. In February of 2018, Kyla adopted a 7 month old Husky/Shepherd mix she named Kashmir. Kashmir has completed Basics and Next Steps and is looking forward to Rally-O!

In May of 2019, Kyla and Kashmir graduated Karen Pryor Academy and Kyla obtained her KPA-CTP designation. She has learned so much and is eager to continue her education through self study, seminars, and the incredible mentors whom she admires greatly. She is currently working towards her CPDT-KA as the next step in her education. When Kyla is not out hiking with her two beloved dogs, you can find her assisting classes with Jon at our Roncesvalle location.

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