Rally-O Novice

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Rally Obedience is a fun and quickly-growing dog sport that allows owners to take their obedience skills to the next level. The dog and handler move from station to station on a timed course and are evaluated based on the execution of each behaviour. This is a great way to get involved in something fun that allows you to continue what you might have learned in Puppy class or Basic manners!

The novice class is designed to be a “bridge” between any Puppy/Basic Obedience class and the Competitive Rally-O classes. Our instructors will place a lot of emphasis on polishing your dog’s focus, shaping an “active heel,” proper position while in motion and stationary, stays (sit, down and stand), as well as recalls and fronts (teaching the dog to turn and face you). Graduation: Dog and handler will confidently be able to complete a sub-novice routine and show off to all their friends!