When it comes to dog training, it’s like the Wild West out there.  Virtually anybody can call themselves a trainer and charge you money for their services.  At Follow the Leader Inc. we keep far FAR away from superstitious training and quack methodologies by staying firmly rooted in behavioural science.  How do we do that? By making sure that we’re certified by leading industry professionals!


    • To qualify for certification trainers must have 300 hours of experience and referrals from veterinarians as well as other certified trainers.
    • In order to maintain certification, we must attend seminars, conferences and webinars approved by the council…this guarantees that we stay current and cutting edge.
    • We must pass an independent, science-based exam that tests our knowledge in animal husbandry, ethology, learning theory, equipment, business practices and ethics.

Check out the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) website for more information.

At Follow the Leader inc. we believe that dog training should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. Using positive reinforcement, our instructors teach simple and effective techniques that bridge the gap between confused dogs and frustrated owners.

All too often we see beloved pets punished simply because their owners are unable to find the help and education they need. What people often interpret as stubbornness or disobedience from their pet is more often just a breakdown in communication. We try to help dog owners see the world from their dog’s point of view, and to better speak their language. With this newfound understanding, resentment and frustration will transform into mutual respect, love and companionship.

Our training classes will give you the basic skills you need in order to clearly communicate with your dog. We provide a fun, encouraging place in which to grow and learn as a dog owner. It is also a safe place for dogs to make mistakes, to learn at their own pace, and to exceed expectations.