Our in-home training programs are custom designed to suit your specific training goals. We’ll work on the behaviours you want from your dog, in the dog’s home environment where it matters most. We’ll also put together lessons for you to maintain your dog’s good manners so their training lasts a lifetime! We work with all different ages from puppies to senior dogs. 

By teaching puppies solid foundation behaviours like sit, down, coming when called, loose leash walking, leave it, and more, your puppy will become a well-mannered member of the household in no time. We also offer help with older dogs with no previous training experience and rescue dogs who may have come with some baggage.

Our trainers also specialize in issues like reactivity, resource aggression, and fearful behaviour. 

Lessons typically take place once a week for one hour but can be modified depending on your needs and schedule. In-home training is a great option for clients who are seeking convenient and detailed training programs, have dogs that do not have the best social skills, or for clients dealing with specific behavioral issues. By working with a custom training plan, we often achieve dramatic results working with any behaviour within 5 lessons!

Inquire with us to find out if in-home training is right for you and your dog!


1 session / $100.00 plus HST
3 sessions / $280.00 plus HST
5 sessions / $460.00 plus HST
10 sessions / $900.00 plus HST