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Wow! I can see why you encouraged everyone to check out your site! It is captivating. Over the last hour, I’ve read your blogs and other content and learned a lot.

Danielle and Jon are amazing! I have a little rescue pup (Rosie) who is just the best. When she first got here, she had had no training at all, so naturally she was pretty wild.

We adopted a 5 year old Pugapoo from a family that clearly did not take care of him.  When we got him he was terribly matted, had a fecal disease and rotting teeth, was not neutered, peed and pooed all over our house, was way too excited around the baby and was generally a living nightmare.

Danielle and Katie were totally amazing with helping me and my rescue dog Lucy to first overcome some of her extreme fears and then to be able to participate and finally excel in the two classes she has taken thus far.

I rescued a 60 lb Newf/Spaniel cross back in February and knew right away that I would need to train him. He had a beautiful Newf like temperament but it was impossible to walk him either on leash or off. His prey drive (the spaniel in him) is so strong that as soon as he sees a squirrel (or any other small rodent-like creature) he’s off.

The classes have offered us a great deal of information on canine behaviour and training. We felt overwhelmed with the bulk of information available online and in the dog parks, everyone claimed to be an expert but nothing we saw provided consistent results!

Many thanks for all your knowledge, experience and wisdom. Yesterdays’ walk was invaluable! We have already made great strides in changing Rigbys’ behaviour especially around treats and coming in from outside and manners around the table…wow given the opportunity and a more savvy owner he responds beautifully.

Thanks so much for the photo and for all your entertaining and helpful advice over the past weeks. We will recommend FTL to all the dog people we meet.

We are so pleased that we chose Follow The Leader for dog training. The trainers are great with our puppy. Sadie, our puppy, has learned all her positions, to come when called, and has started to learn proper walk etiquette.

My husband and I hired Jon to help us with our exuberant Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Roxy. She would pull frantically on all our walks, nipped at our heels constantly, and was not the least bit interested in our trying to train her.

As you can imagine, as a new & proud owners of a Great Dane puppy, my boyfriend, his kids and I were overwhelmed to say the least. We knew that all behaviours (good and bad) would be giant size in no time, and what may seem cute now, wouldn’t be so cute when Hank was 170lbs (e.g. pulling on the leash during walks).

Since taking classes we have noticed a real change in our dog, is focused and well behaved. We receive compliments on his polite demeanor on a regular basis.

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