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Allie and Rosie-taken from

Danielle and Jon are amazing! I have a little rescue pup (Rosie) who is just the best. When she first got here, she had had no training at all, so naturally she was pretty wild. We were recommended to Follow the Leader by the rescue we got Rosie from, so we followed up and took some obedience classes with them. Rosie LOVED the classes, and she had so much fun all while learning to behave! Jon and Danielle were so kind and understanding, and never hesitated to go above and beyond to help us out. Rosie is now an incredibly behaved, well adjusted dog. When we go out in public people will often comment on how good she’s being! We just recently got another rescue dog and are planning to take him to obedience with them. I would recommend anyone who’s looking to train their dog in a fun, positive way you and your dog will both enjoy to Follow the Leader!

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