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Allie, Andree, Ivy and Oscar-taken from

We adopted a 5 year old Pugapoo from a family that clearly did not take care of him.  When we got him he was terribly matted, had a fecal disease and rotting teeth, was not neutered, peed and pooed all over our house, was way too excited around the baby and was generally a living nightmare.

We then neutered him, micro-chipped him, gave him all his vaccines, shaved him down and fixed his teeth – all of which did very little to start the process of calming him down. He was still peeing and pooing in the house, jumping and barking every time we picked up our daughter and barking and freaking out every time someone came to the house.

We reached out to so many dog trainers, and Danielle was one of the first to respond, and took so much time to speak with us over the phone to assess the situation, long before we had agreed to work with her.  After the conversation with Danielle was over, we knew we had found the right trainer and our fears started to instantly subside.

Just yesterday, we finished our second of four scheduled private sessions with Danielle.  I know you are supposed to wait to write the review after the training is complete, but we are just so amazed at the work that she has done already that we couldn’t help ourselves.

We are blessed with a completely different dog.  He is calmed, relaxed, respectful and he loves the clicker/reward based training.  After one short week of working with Oscar on the techniques Danielle taught us – we have our life back!! Oscar is well on his way to becoming the most well behaved dog in the world and we owe it all to Danielle and Follow the Leader.

We would without a second of hesitation recommend the services of Follow the Leader to every dog owner out there who is starting to think there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for saving our happy little family!!

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