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Bryan & Kingston

I rescued a 60 lb Newf/Spaniel cross back in February and knew right away that I would need to train him. He had a beautiful Newf like temperament but it was impossible to walk him either on leash or off. His prey drive (the spaniel in him) is so strong that as soon as he sees a squirrel (or any other small rodent-like creature) he’s off.

I had done an obedience class about 23 years ago and have trained three other dogs since. But when it was clear that those “old school” weren’t working and my patience was running out, I did my research and found Follow the Leader. 

Along with a positive reinforcement training philosophy that I subscribe to, the cost of the session was spread out over more classes than other training companies offered (seven classes for Doggie Basics — perfect for rescues and older dogs vs. 4 classes elsewhere at the same price). 

When Kingston and I arrived at the first class, I was immediately impressed with Danielle’s energy, enthusiasm and ability to relate to our dog-training stories. 

Having now completed two sessions (Doggie Basics and Level Two, as well as one private hour at home to learn how to divert Kingston from flinging himself at our front door whenever anyone knocked), I can wholeheartedly recommend Danielle and Follow the Leader for anyone who gets frustrated when their dog doesn’t come back when called or walk nicely on leash — and everything in between. 

Kingston is a completely different dog than the one that adopted me back in February and I have Danielle to thank for that. 

Bryan & Kingston

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