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Tracy Mallory

As you can imagine, as a new & proud owners of a Great Dane puppy, my boyfriend, his kids and I were overwhelmed to say the least. We knew that all behaviours (good and bad) would be giant size in no time, and what may seem cute now, wouldn’t be so cute when Hank was 170lbs (e.g. pulling on the leash during walks). I was referred by a friend and fellow Dane owner to Danielle, who came for a consultation. It was great – in no time at all, Danielle explained Positive Reinforcement, demonstrated to the kids how to behave around a dog, set up house rules, and gave us advice on how to stop the jumping and demand barking. We also signed up for classes, which we loved. We not only learned the basics, but more important to me, we learned that training didn’t have to be a stressful chore – it was FUN! Now, Hank is almost 2, and while he’ll never be the sharpest tool in the shed, he is a well behaved dog who greets other dogs respectfully, loves on all humans and I can proudly walk down the street with him without him pulling my arms out of their sockets. Thanks Danielle and Jon!

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(416) 399-3179